New Website!!!!

Alright so me and the webs have been in a fight.  I had a site and everything got lost by weak techno illiteracy.  I erased all my content.  So I have a new site but it’s missing A LOT.  We’re talking a couple of years worth of biz stuff :/  BUT it’s up!!!!

I’ve been shooting and taking photos and working to create this site so here’s the link





xoxo -nikole

Newborn Photography

You know how people get around babies.  Smiles spread across faces…voices get softer and sweeter.  Joy just seems to emanate.  It was exactly like that when I met with Justin and Leah to photograph their little one.  I work with Leah and seeing her light up while holding her little person was beautiful!  It is amazing to me how a person so small can bring so much joy but they do.  I kept musing on about how darn adorable their little one was and Leah kept saying in the soft motherly tone she’s GREAT!  She is right.  Her little one is definitely great 🙂  Here are some of the photos I took.

Good Reads

There is nothing like curling up on the couch and snuggling in a blanket with a good book.  The only thing that could make this scene better is rain patting the window and a warm fire going in the fireplace.  While I do not always get this exact scenario when I sit down to read, it is nice to think about it happening.

This year I’ve decided that I am going to get through at least one book a month but I am really hoping for two (fingers crossed)…so far one is winning.  BUT I’m reading and that is what is important.  The very intelligent financial guru Dave Ramsey always says “Where you are in five years is dependent upon the books you read and the people you meet.”  I’m definitely working on tackling both.  This leads me to my most recent good reads.

The Art of War:  Break Through the Block and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

This book takes what I call good, old fashion procrastination (one of my more refined traits…I think of procrastination as an art form in and of itself) and renames it as resistence.  He then breaths life into resistence and callls on the artist to fight against it by doing the most practical thing an artist can do….work their craft.  Opportunities, better skills, and knowledge comes directly from working on his/her art.  It really is a great motivating piece to get you off your duff and create.  Just keep creating and working because practice really does make perfect OR at least a lot better than thinking about what you could do!

Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders

In Tim Sanders, Love is the Killer App, he describes the best way to thrust your business forward through love.  I loved the premise of this book; you gain more by giving.  Sanders says if you read, share your knowledge, share your contacts, and show compassion to people you will go much further in the business world.  While I am just starting my business I love the idea of being able to give to others and right now I a may not have all the business contacts in the world I know everyday I am growing and trying to share in the photography community.  Everyone can benefit from this concept.  Share the love 🙂

Baby Photography

I was really excited when Jenny and Brent said I could photograph their little girl.  She was wide eye and awake almost the whole time I spent time with her.  Just a little bundle of curiosity getting to know her new world.  I love being able to watch parents with their little ones.  Everything is done with such care and love.  It is amazing that someone so small commands so much attention.  Here are a few of the shots of this new little person 🙂


The Shedd Aquarium is a blast and a half.  My little one could have spent all day there if we let her.  She would spend all of her time playing in the activity areas for little ones and if I’m honest I loved playing as well 🙂  It is awesome to get out as a family in the city.  I also got to take some photos of the Jellies exhibit.  I could have spent hours watching jelly fish move.  The rhythm is hypnotizing.  The exhibit will be there through the end of May and I think it is well worth the trip down to the museum campus.

Boo Taxes

Yuck…yuck…yuck.  I loathe tax time.  It is mostly because I am highly skilled at procrastination.  There are so many other important things I could be doing like cleaning my home, doing my hair, getting on facebook that’s really important too, right.  Then once I’ve decided I’m ready to tackle the tax game I have to find all the safe places I’ve decided to store my tax documents.  If only my safe places were all in the same placenew goal for 2012:  organize tax stuff.  Luckily Uncle Sam is all taken care of for this year and before the very last minute 🙂  AND the business part of taxes was not as daunting as I though it would be.  I’m quite proud.

The cherry on top…I have this face to make things all better!

Filling up

This year I have really focused on getting more information crammed into my brain.  Photography as a career Aaaahsome…learning all about business challenging.  I think it is big time, huge important for me to spend time at workshops since I’ve  learned photography outside of a formal setting, and the workshops almost always spend time focusing on the business of being in the photography business.  So just about every month I have been watching which offers free workshops on photography when you watch it live.

In March I went to Jasmine Star’s theFix and found it to be a wonderful way to meet new photographers and expand my mind with new ideas.  She is a very animated speaker as you can tell from the photos and an excellent bizwoman!

This past week I went to the Salle School workshop and got filled up on photoshop ideas.  Now I like my photos to look like photos but the things people are able to do with photoshop amazes me.  I’m also trying my best to fit in extra reading and I hope to share soon!


I feel a tremendous fear in facing the unknown.  I do not like when I do not know how things are going to turn out BUT I do like change.  Working on building my business is putting these too things together and I am constantly excited and worried all at the same time.  I want to know how the story ends but for now I’m content to continue along the journey.

Annie & Cliff

Annie and Cliff shared their marriage with their family and friends with an intimate, and elegant dinner at the Everest.  Their friends and family toasted to them and their commitment.  It was wonderful to watch them enjoy their celebration with those closest to them.  It is an honor to have people allow me into their lives to capture their special moments.

Their smiles and laughter were a pleasure to capture.

Coffee Magic

I’m really starting to think coffee is magic.  I would never have made it through this week without my coffee.  No matter how tired I was some how coffee made it better each morning.   Steamy hot liquid tickled with cream and sugar is my morning friend.  I’m just grateful with Friday comes a 16 day weekend.

Here is a picture of the most adorable cream and sugar containers, which I use to support my liquid addiction…uuummm I mean liquid smile.  No I mean morning smile.