Boo Taxes

Yuck…yuck…yuck.  I loathe tax time.  It is mostly because I am highly skilled at procrastination.  There are so many other important things I could be doing like cleaning my home, doing my hair, getting on facebook that’s really important too, right.  Then once I’ve decided I’m ready to tackle the tax game I have to find all the safe places I’ve decided to store my tax documents.  If only my safe places were all in the same placenew goal for 2012:  organize tax stuff.  Luckily Uncle Sam is all taken care of for this year and before the very last minute 🙂  AND the business part of taxes was not as daunting as I though it would be.  I’m quite proud.

The cherry on top…I have this face to make things all better!


crazy start

hmm…how do i make myself crazy in a years time?

plan a wedding, have a wedding

train for a marathon, run a marathon

build a photography business, be a photographer

keep the day job (teacher)

i think that will do it.  check back with me on december 31st