Filling up

This year I have really focused on getting more information crammed into my brain.  Photography as a career Aaaahsome…learning all about business challenging.  I think it is big time, huge important for me to spend time at workshops since I’ve  learned photography outside of a formal setting, and the workshops almost always spend time focusing on the business of being in the photography business.  So just about every month I have been watching which offers free workshops on photography when you watch it live.

In March I went to Jasmine Star’s theFix and found it to be a wonderful way to meet new photographers and expand my mind with new ideas.  She is a very animated speaker as you can tell from the photos and an excellent bizwoman!

This past week I went to the Salle School workshop and got filled up on photoshop ideas.  Now I like my photos to look like photos but the things people are able to do with photoshop amazes me.  I’m also trying my best to fit in extra reading and I hope to share soon!


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