its been a long time…

it has been too long since i’ve written.

here are my thoughts…

i want my photography and my business to reflect me, and of course i want to have fun doing it.

photography reflecting me….okay, take photos i would want!

(my fav subject little b)

who wouldn’t love capturing her smiles?  (maybe not the best photo but certainly a fantastic grin.  i live for that grin 🙂

now a business reflecting me…well, i want a business i’m proud of and i want to run it debt free.

this means this blog is where all the online magic will happen.  my blog is my “website.”   check it out look for updates.  may is supposed to be a busy photo month.  hopefully i’ll have more to share.


crazy start

hmm…how do i make myself crazy in a years time?

plan a wedding, have a wedding

train for a marathon, run a marathon

build a photography business, be a photographer

keep the day job (teacher)

i think that will do it.  check back with me on december 31st