Good Reads

There is nothing like curling up on the couch and snuggling in a blanket with a good book.  The only thing that could make this scene better is rain patting the window and a warm fire going in the fireplace.  While I do not always get this exact scenario when I sit down to read, it is nice to think about it happening.

This year I’ve decided that I am going to get through at least one book a month but I am really hoping for two (fingers crossed)…so far one is winning.  BUT I’m reading and that is what is important.  The very intelligent financial guru Dave Ramsey always says “Where you are in five years is dependent upon the books you read and the people you meet.”  I’m definitely working on tackling both.  This leads me to my most recent good reads.

The Art of War:  Break Through the Block and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

This book takes what I call good, old fashion procrastination (one of my more refined traits…I think of procrastination as an art form in and of itself) and renames it as resistence.  He then breaths life into resistence and callls on the artist to fight against it by doing the most practical thing an artist can do….work their craft.  Opportunities, better skills, and knowledge comes directly from working on his/her art.  It really is a great motivating piece to get you off your duff and create.  Just keep creating and working because practice really does make perfect OR at least a lot better than thinking about what you could do!

Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders

In Tim Sanders, Love is the Killer App, he describes the best way to thrust your business forward through love.  I loved the premise of this book; you gain more by giving.  Sanders says if you read, share your knowledge, share your contacts, and show compassion to people you will go much further in the business world.  While I am just starting my business I love the idea of being able to give to others and right now I a may not have all the business contacts in the world I know everyday I am growing and trying to share in the photography community.  Everyone can benefit from this concept.  Share the love 🙂