New Website!!!!

Alright so me and the webs have been in a fight.  I had a site and everything got lost by weak techno illiteracy.  I erased all my content.  So I have a new site but it’s missing A LOT.  We’re talking a couple of years worth of biz stuff :/  BUT it’s up!!!!

I’ve been shooting and taking photos and working to create this site so here’s the link





xoxo -nikole


Ben & Jerry’s Kind Of Day :)

It really was the kind of day that could only be improved by oatmeal cookie ice cream.  Just a gloomy, yucky, sad face day.

If I’m honest any day could be an ice cream day.  Dessert is my weakness.  Since its not enough to share my kryptonite here’s a photo to go with it.

Hmm…they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it just might work for me too.  Now the world knows the way to my heart 🙂Luckily I have a little Pollyanna in me and I’m ready for a new day.  Tomorrow will be brand new with no mistakes in it!  For now I’m digging in and enjoying sweet cinnamon cream.

Fourth of July

I love watching fireworks twinkle in the sky and I love listening to the crinkling sound in the air.  For best friend (bff J) fireworks remind her of her birthday.  Being born on the Fourth of July can be fun.  The whole country seems to be celebrating you every year.  As a little girl she got to believe that everyone set off fireworks just for her special day (oh the day dreams and whimsical ideas of a child).  Then of course she grew up and learned that her special day was also a special day for the whole country and unfortunately people weren’t celebrating just because a wonderful girl was born.

This year we were able to enjoy the holiday/Laurel’s birthday for the first time in many years with each other.  As adults it is so much harder to get together with friends who live many states away.  I was fortunate to be able to spend this time with her.  We were able to watch the day through the eyes of my little one.  Little B is just amazed by her world.  The little things are so enjoyable.  Corn on the cob is a feast!  Playing with people she never gets to see is pure joy.  It was a great Fourth/birthday celebration!

Laurel and My Girl