The Shedd Aquarium is a blast and a half.  My little one could have spent all day there if we let her.  She would spend all of her time playing in the activity areas for little ones and if I’m honest I loved playing as well 🙂  It is awesome to get out as a family in the city.  I also got to take some photos of the Jellies exhibit.  I could have spent hours watching jelly fish move.  The rhythm is hypnotizing.  The exhibit will be there through the end of May and I think it is well worth the trip down to the museum campus.


Boo Taxes

Yuck…yuck…yuck.  I loathe tax time.  It is mostly because I am highly skilled at procrastination.  There are so many other important things I could be doing like cleaning my home, doing my hair, getting on facebook that’s really important too, right.  Then once I’ve decided I’m ready to tackle the tax game I have to find all the safe places I’ve decided to store my tax documents.  If only my safe places were all in the same placenew goal for 2012:  organize tax stuff.  Luckily Uncle Sam is all taken care of for this year and before the very last minute 🙂  AND the business part of taxes was not as daunting as I though it would be.  I’m quite proud.

The cherry on top…I have this face to make things all better!


I feel a tremendous fear in facing the unknown.  I do not like when I do not know how things are going to turn out BUT I do like change.  Working on building my business is putting these too things together and I am constantly excited and worried all at the same time.  I want to know how the story ends but for now I’m content to continue along the journey.

Coffee Magic

I’m really starting to think coffee is magic.  I would never have made it through this week without my coffee.  No matter how tired I was some how coffee made it better each morning.   Steamy hot liquid tickled with cream and sugar is my morning friend.  I’m just grateful with Friday comes a 16 day weekend.

Here is a picture of the most adorable cream and sugar containers, which I use to support my liquid addiction…uuummm I mean liquid smile.  No I mean morning smile.

Rainy Days

I love rainy days.  I especially enjoy them when I get to play with my little one.  She can make the smallest raindrop entertaining and a big puddle cute!  As rain splashes against her face she looks up at me with awe, her big eyes looking to me to explain how the world could produce such wonders.

On this particular day we had an umbrella with us.  For my little explorer it was a great tool to hide, crawl under or schlep through puddles.



I haven’t written.

I haven’t shared.

I felt broken when I saw it.

Why me?

Why my car?

Why would they run and leave this for me?

How do I tell my family that my grandfather’s car is gone?

I cannot deal with this alone.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to work it out all on my own.  My husband (my new husband) helped.  He handled  the insurance.  He told me it was all going to work out.  I believed him, and now we are the proud owners of the quintessential mommy car, a mini van (proud after I got over having to drive a mini van).

Family Shoot

At the beginning of the month I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with a wonderful family. It was pure joy to watch them interact. Their little one is completely beautiful…really, she lights up the camera. I’m so grateful that they let me spend time with them and capture some of their smiles.  Enjoy!

ps I’m sorry I took an extremely long time to finally get these photos on here, but to my defense I was working on the whole getting married thing ☺ I’m a wife now (Wedding planning down, still the Chicago Marathon to go)!

What’s the point?

She wondered What’s the point?  He wondered Would she ever stop saying that?  Though they lived states apart there was an undeniable connection.  As her friend I noticed a difference because she talked about this guy.  Yes she continuously said What’s the point?  (poor guy didn’t know what he was up against), BUT she wanted to talk about him and spend time with him.  Amazing!

Even though their initial dating was kind of intense (hey they crossed state lines to see each other.  her in Illinois with her heart in New York and him in Kentucky), it was always comfortable.  They enjoyed each others company.  Caitlin and Kyle didn’t take long to settle in the same state.  Then over Turkey weekend with their families together, he proposed.  AND my friend, who truly cared less about any boy before him, said Yes!  I guess we know the point now and if you ask me she always knew too 🙂  Congrats Cait and Kyle!  I can not wait for your wedding.

Family Photo Session

I spent Friday doing a hundred and one things to get ready for my family trip and my wedding in Cali. There was last minute packing, last minute purchases, and last minute see you laters (yet I still forgot swimsuits…what kind of trip will this be without some swimsuits).

Among all the little things I did for my family I got the opportunity to do something for another family. I took photos of a lovely family. I really enjoyed watching them play together. They obviously love spending time together. The lake was blue. The sky a dusty blue gray and all of it was beautiful. I cannot wait to share some of the shots with everyone later this week. Until then enjoy the scenery we had to work with.


Sometimes I get nervous spending time with people that haven’t seen in a long time. What will we talk about? Will we get bored? Maybe we won’t enjoy each others’ company any more?

This past weekend I got to spend time with my godfather. It really had been a long time since we had spent time together. I think I must have been a child the last time. Now I’m an adult with my own child. The days and years pass so quickly now. We both want to make an effort to keep in touch better.

We met for lunch down town. Though I cringe every time I think about taking the little one out for adventures (because of her strong desire to do only what she wants), it was actually a beautiful day. (Not counting her little episode in Nordstrom…she was only trying to make sure the floor was clean with her back). We talked all the way through lunch and little Miss. B made it through without a hitch.

Love my family!

Tony and I