Ben & Jerry’s Kind Of Day :)

It really was the kind of day that could only be improved by oatmeal cookie ice cream.  Just a gloomy, yucky, sad face day.

If I’m honest any day could be an ice cream day.  Dessert is my weakness.  Since its not enough to share my kryptonite here’s a photo to go with it.

Hmm…they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it just might work for me too.  Now the world knows the way to my heart 🙂Luckily I have a little Pollyanna in me and I’m ready for a new day.  Tomorrow will be brand new with no mistakes in it!  For now I’m digging in and enjoying sweet cinnamon cream.

Rainy Days

I love rainy days.  I especially enjoy them when I get to play with my little one.  She can make the smallest raindrop entertaining and a big puddle cute!  As rain splashes against her face she looks up at me with awe, her big eyes looking to me to explain how the world could produce such wonders.

On this particular day we had an umbrella with us.  For my little explorer it was a great tool to hide, crawl under or schlep through puddles.