Coffee Magic

I’m really starting to think coffee is magic.  I would never have made it through this week without my coffee.  No matter how tired I was some how coffee made it better each morning.   Steamy hot liquid tickled with cream and sugar is my morning friend.  I’m just grateful with Friday comes a 16 day weekend.

Here is a picture of the most adorable cream and sugar containers, which I use to support my liquid addiction…uuummm I mean liquid smile.  No I mean morning smile.


Family Time

It’s amazing to watch people enjoy their loved ones.   When one of my co-workers allowed me to spend time with his family, it was nothing but pure pleasure.  I loved every moment.   I feel incredibly lucky to be invited into people’s lives and be able to capture some of their life together.

Andy’s three ladies are beautiful.  I was so lucky to be able to capture the four of them together.  All of them were so much fun to photograph.  Oh and watch out world for the oldest little lady.  Modeling here she comes.

Thanks for letting me spend time with your family!