Sometimes I get nervous spending time with people that haven’t seen in a long time. What will we talk about? Will we get bored? Maybe we won’t enjoy each others’ company any more?

This past weekend I got to spend time with my godfather. It really had been a long time since we had spent time together. I think I must have been a child the last time. Now I’m an adult with my own child. The days and years pass so quickly now. We both want to make an effort to keep in touch better.

We met for lunch down town. Though I cringe every time I think about taking the little one out for adventures (because of her strong desire to do only what she wants), it was actually a beautiful day. (Not counting her little episode in Nordstrom…she was only trying to make sure the floor was clean with her back). We talked all the way through lunch and little Miss. B made it through without a hitch.

Love my family!

Tony and I

A and Z

In a very short week she will go from being a MISS all her life to a MRS.

April and Zdenco were kind enough to let me capture some moments with them. They really are lovely to watch together. There is a tangible energy around them that is infectious when you’re near. I had so much fun pushing the button on my camera and letting them be A and Z.

Thanks guys!


Oh how my thoughts try to defeat me before I even get started. Ummm it’s still too dark out….I’m really tired…Oh my daughter is waking up. I cannot possibly go for the run now.

I now know why people join running groups. There is a time you have to meet with people and it keeps you dedicated to your schedule. It’s not just an appointment with yourself. There are others who are hoping you show up to keep them accountable as well.

Then once I finally get myself out and running, there are all knew thoughts to battle. A twenty-minute run is really good. Go ahead and just walk. Six miles is really far I could just head back. I’m half way through.  A short little break could be good for me. Luckily this morning I finished. I got through it and I loved telling myself I could. There is guaranteed satisfaction when I accomplish my small goals each day.

The Excited Bride

I recently went to a really close friends wedding. It was like a pep rally for marriage. I do not think I’ve ever seen a bride so happy or vocal about it. She cheered the whole way down the aisle. She smiled at the guests, waived at friends, and gave a sweet grin up to her groom.

Shannon made a beautiful bride and really made me even more ecstatic for my upcoming wedding. It makes my weeks until my wedding feel like an eternity. I’m ready ☺ Thank you Shannon and Chris for sharing your beautiful day!

the first time

i think people always look fondly on their first times.

first time you tie your shoe…

first time you fall in love…

first time you say i love you…

first time your child says mommy or daddy…

i just had one today. the first time i did an engagement photo session. i couldn’t have picked a better couple either. they made me smile with their love for each other and playfulness. i loved watching them interact together. it truly was a pleasure to shoot them. thanks a and z!

ps photos will be up as soon as i can finish