Oh how my thoughts try to defeat me before I even get started. Ummm it’s still too dark out….I’m really tired…Oh my daughter is waking up. I cannot possibly go for the run now.

I now know why people join running groups. There is a time you have to meet with people and it keeps you dedicated to your schedule. It’s not just an appointment with yourself. There are others who are hoping you show up to keep them accountable as well.

Then once I finally get myself out and running, there are all knew thoughts to battle. A twenty-minute run is really good. Go ahead and just walk. Six miles is really far I could just head back. I’m half way through.  A short little break could be good for me. Luckily this morning I finished. I got through it and I loved telling myself I could. There is guaranteed satisfaction when I accomplish my small goals each day.


One thought on “AM RUN

  1. Those AM runs are terrible. But you always feel so much better when you’ve finished. Great blog Nikole! Thanks for making this blog. Now I can follow your life and see all of the pictures!

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